• We create programs for prevention, protocols and directives on communication crisis.
  • We offer the necessary knowledge to act properly in the case of any eventuality.
  • We grant consultancy, implementation and tracking of strategies for the attention in juncture situations that may put the image of the company at risk.
  • We develop a custom-made crisis manual to respond in time and form to a conflict.
  • We make real-time diagnostics and scenarios.
  • We organize crisis committees, actions instrumentation and tracking.


  • We work to make the corporative information become news and have a positive presence in the media.
  • We offer consultancy for the implementation of strategies for the acknowledgement and positioning of the image of institutions and brands.
  • We grant permanent consultancy in global strategies.
  • We make the companies known and place them in the most adequate sectors.
  • We have many connections in the media.
  • We perform programs for your presentations in the media.
  • We make press reports, notes and memos.
  • We offer image and protocol consultancy.
  • We organize fairs, exhibitions, social events, press conferences, press travels, online press rooms, among other options.
  • We manage corporate social networks.
  • We place the spokespersons of the companies as thought leaders.


An adequate circulation of information is essential within an organization, which results in higher levels of motivation and involving from each of its components.

Therefore, we can design and edit different supports that allow to adequately spread our client’s message, culture and corporate values towards the inner structure of their institution.

  • We make company magazines, posters, periodic bulletins, memories or brochures.
  • We measure the organization’s climate.
  • We use specific tools and messages.
  • We perform strategic plans.
  • We design campaigns to show the company’s actions and achievements to its collaborators.
  • We perform different evaluations.
  • We organize corporate events.


Education and the making of conscience are the most important steps towards company development.

We offer our clients a communication experience because we firmly believe that an excellent relationship is formed with the brand. Our efforts are aimed towards this goal through sustainable online publicity and specific strategies to reach their target public more efficiently.

Our approach allows us to create strategic and integrated programs for both main and emerging brands. This permits us to free some of the most creative programing ideas in the consumer’s market, catching their attention, making him think and feel.

Our marketing experience includes:

  • Relationship with the media.
  • Support in conferences and exhibitions.
  • Company to company marketing.
  • Collateral development.
  • Consumer education.
  • Strategic alliances.
  • Product samples.
  • Event marketing.
  • Product checking program.
  • Spokesperson training.
  • Brand positioning and development.
  • Product launching.
  • Experimental marketing.
  • Channel marketing.
  • Viral campaign.
  • Sponsorship maximization.


We develop networking strategies among public and private institutions and the media in order to reach and maintain the understanding, the sympathy and the support from the audiences with whom they should be linked.

We use several methods to establish and keep a healthy and mutual benefit relationship between our client and its neighbors or the community in which it develops itself.

Some actions:

  • Open house days.
  • Seminars.
  • Discussion panels among neighbors.
  • Work plans to benefit the community.
  • Publications.


We use this sensitive communication tool to position a brand, an individual or a service in digital social channels. We create specific communication strategies for every need; we select and establish synergies with influencers and thought leaders that improve the positioning of strategies.

  • Activities in social networks:
  • Definition of positioning plans.
  • Contents strategies.
  • Influencer identification and selection.
  • Selection of social networks specific for each case.
  • CRM.
  • SEO strategies.


We are the only media intelligence communication consultancy firm specialized in topics of environment and social sustainability. We aim our efforts towards the conservation of nature. That is why we design strategies that allow to tangibly compensate the environmental damage.

Brand and companies marketing campaigns have the power to influence the consumers in order to make them change their habits and to raise people’s awareness on environmental problems caused by their daily behavior. With this, children and adults make better and more responsible choices.

Our commitment with the environment and sustainability is essential.

We value our client’s reputation concerning sustainability, we identify virtues and strengths, we develop internal and external programs, we direct actions, we evaluate the evolution and we spread the success stories.

We offer services focused on sustainability and environment protection strategies in order to position and strengthen the corporative image of our clients at the time of communicating their resounding and transforming actions in the benefit of society.


  • The success of an event lies in its organization. Every one of our projects fulfills the environmental requirements and sustainability norms.
  • Every one of our projects fulfills the environmental requirements and sustainability norms
  • We make a strategic plan as well as analyze the needs of production and we implement it thoroughly.
  • We provide a complete range of services such as organization, production, supervision as well as corporate and social event planning.


Our strategic work with the media will translate in the creation of a positive perception of the public opinion about an individual or organization. We give advice and support for the construction of professional relations with the media.

We play the role of ‘intermediary’ between the events and the company that distributes informative contents and which finally perform the broadcast of the news.

Among the tools that we use, the following can be pointed out:

  • Media training.
  • Media invitations.
  • Press releases and speeches.
  • Interviews.
  • Press conferences
  • Press travels
  • Online press rooms.
  • Informative analysis and synthesis.
  • Fairs, exhibitions and special events.
  • Image assessment and protocol.