Spread is a Media Intelligence and Public Relations agency formed by experts in several disciplines and fields pertaining to communication strategy, who work alongside their clients to build great brands, great stories and great results.

In order to achieve this, we get 100% involved with the company’s objectives until we develop the strategy that fits best with its needs, considering communication channels, spokespersons, key messages and the economic, political and social environment./p>

When these elements are put together and topics such as creativity, service, efficiency and ethics are added, the result is a 360 degree strategy that will help a business achieve its goals.

Furthermore, we provide the organization with a new vision regarding the different relationships that they have with the media, the institutions, the clients and the community in general.

These relationships will be the guidelines to build, manage, position, consolidate and keep a positive image of our clients.

what do we do?

  • We work to increase the commercial, social and institutional objectives of the company.
  • We establish the means of communication between our clients and the representatives of the media to create better expectations.
  • We suggest to our clients efficient and innovative communication strategies that allow them to suitably satisfy the market demands.
  • We make the companies known and positioned in different sectors.
  • We support in the job performed by the management teams of the companies and their clients.
  • We identify the target public that corresponds to each product.
  • We create 360 degree communication strategies for crisis situations and we guide the company step by step while facing risk cases.
¿Qué hacemos?


Cómo nace Spread?

Spread was born from the necessity to orchestrate a deep change in the sustainable usage of our ecosystem through communication. Since then, we breathe to provide an honest, innovative and professional experience so that an organization may communicate with its multiple publics.

Nowadays, in the presence of an increase of competitiveness that companies from different sectors are going through, Spread is working on the development of new media intelligence strategies for the diffusion and positioning of our clients in order to help businesses stand out from their competition and achieve a prestigious place in the minds of the consumers.


Evolution is vital in a globalized world. That is why Spread developed a specialized communication model focused on spreading the sustainable politics and actions of the brand or company, taking into consideration the essence of the business in order to find the best way to transmit information to the target audience. This can be done on radio, television, printed media, the internet, social media, or simply by word of mouth, but always with the certainty that it is the best method for that business. It is an intelligent choice based on each case.

We are the only communication consultancy firm specialized in topics of environment and social sustainability. We aim our efforts towards the conservation of nature. That is why we design strategies that allow to tangibly compensate the environmental damage.

Our commitment with the environment and sustainability is essential.